Are You Trying to Sell Your Home Quickly?


Are you trying to sell your home quickly? Here are my top 4 tips to help you do that!

When you have a home to sell, it can be overwhelming. I am here to give you 4 simple tips that will help speed up the process!

1) Paint!

When potential buyers are visiting your home, they want to see a fresh, clean space. Painting the inside and out will give a neutral tone throughout the home. New paint will also rid the walls of fingerprints, smudges, and motivate you to fix nail holes that have been on your to-do list!

2) Beautify your yard.

There are two things that happen when you have a clean and welcoming look to your yard: First, a yard that is free of weeds and cracks will not only look beautiful but will ATTRACT more potential buyers; Second, when your yard has been given the attention it needs, it will have curb appeal that can add as much as 5% value to your home!

3) Be smart when pricing your home.

This goes without saying, but the right sales price for your home usually is the best way to sell the home quickly. You don't want to scare away buyers before they even come to an open house if the price is too high, BUT you don't want to lose out on money if it is priced too low. I can definitely help you with this task!

4) Remove everything that is personal.

To make way to staging your home, you have to put away the dog toys and your children's clothes that are laying around. When buyers look at a home, they need to imagine themselves living in the space and don't want to see anything personal of yours in the home.

I hope these 4 simple tips will help you sell your home quickly! Contact me today so we can get that home sold!

-Leanne Dresmich